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The Competition is over and we already have our Spelling Bee Winners. Congratulation for all the winner of Spelling Bee. Thanks for your participation.

Our Spelling Bee Winners

English Buzz holds its
2nd Spelling Bee Contest for 2016

English Buzz Bali held its 2nd Spelling Bee contest last December 17, 2016 at Hotel Nikki Denpasar.  More than 90 young learners between 7-12 years old from different primary schools in Denpasar joined this exciting event.  Participants and their families witnessed this fun event and were amazed to see how their children’s hard work paid off.  Winners took home cash prizes, a trophy, gift vouchers and certificates.

English Buzz promotes program like this, as spelling bee not only provides a valuable educational experience for children, but also allows them to engage in healthy competition in a supportive environment. They also learn grammar, enhance their vocabulary, gain self-confidence and develop a range of cognitive skills when they join contests like this.

Here are some of the highlights of The Spelling Bee 2016:

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Summer Program

Hear ye, hear ye!  It’s back! Our Summer Program


A Crash Course in English for hospitality &
service industry is now open!

Learn English at English BuzzLearn English fast and easy-  Classes are now open for those students who wish to work at any hospitality or service industry such as cruise line, airline, hotels and restaurants among others. Program is available for a month, two-month course and three-month course depending on their progress and skills achieved.  Our school offers low tuition fees and light payment schemes for our students.

Invitation for a JOINT VENTURE -   English Buzz Bali also invites investors, owners and managers of any hospitality and service industry for a joint venture, that is specialized English course in a group package. Our school offers langage services to your team or staff, customers, students or applicants, among others,  to carry their jobs (local and global) effectively and successfully.  Increase your company’s sales and revenue by joining our family.

Pls.follow this link to see our proposal letter.
Proposal in English
Proposal in Bahasa Indonesia


We believe that great things start from small beginnings! Our school is now ready to teach English language for our learners ages 4 years old (pre-primary students) and up to primary level.  This program is designed to teach them the basic skills just right for their age level. It’s purely fun and interesting activities for your young learners. Start now and bring out the best in your children.

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