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Early Years or Pre-Primary (Taman Kanak-kanak) –

Ages 4-6 Years Old

Preschool Years Are Essential Years! Research shows that the best time for a child to learn another language is during their foundation years ages 1-6. During the first few years of life (pre-primary), children form their main learning pathways in the brain (Bloom 1964), and they learn using their senses such as sight sound, smell, taste and doing.

In this regard, our school has created a language program made especially for our very young learners. They learn a new language thru singing, dancing, reciting a poem, story-telling, use of learning tools or tactiles, among other learning activities. It has been proven that learning is easier if it is made fun or with a lot of feelings. In fact, the door to learning is feelings or emotion and we use sensory stimulation and play combined with language learning.