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Junior and Senior High School

– SMP and SMA


Teaching teenagers to learn and speak English in class is a bit of a challenge. Reasons include not understanding the point of speaking English all the time in class, or they feel silly speaking a language unfamiliar to them and in which they know they are making mistakes. Little do they know that speaking the language opens a big opportunity for them to face the world and learning it is one of the keys to a successful career in life later on in their lives.​

At English Buzz, our holistic and communicative approaches to learning the English (and other languages) proved to be an effective method for these learners. In communicative approach, we give them plenty of opportunities to acquire the language such as thru reading newspapers, watching music videos and movies among others, and express their feedback thru writing, speaking, drawing etc. Usually students in high school have already developed a variety of different learning strategies in which they know which one works best for them. Our program provides a step-by-step process and guidance to monitor their progress.