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We Offer

  1. General English Lessons – All Grade Level Students – This service is available for Early Years or Pre-Primary, Primary Years, Junior and Senior High School students, as follows;
    • Literacy – Language Learning and Skills Enhancement; Communication (Guided Reading, Speaking, Writing & Listening)
    • Mastery of Grammar & Language Structures using International-Based Curriculum and resources (books and research materials)
    • Holistic and strategic approaches to Learning (Learning-by-Doing Style)
    • Development of Multiple-Intelligence through classroom activities (English lesson is integrated with Music, Art, Math, Science and other subjects)
    • Academic Assistance/Support for Students (any subject)
    • Guidance on School Homework (PR)- English, Science and Maths
    • Intensive Review for National Examinations (Ujian Nasional)
    • Extra Classes/Support Group
    • Home-Based Tutoring
  2. Adult English Program – Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Program
    • We provide an intensive English program which is taught in a 3-month frame which students Must attend accordingly.
  3. Specialized program for specific needs*
    • We teach everyone who have specific needs to learn English language (those who will study abroad, work in cruise ship or live abroad, work in international company etc).
  4. English Translation – Indonesian to English vice versa*
    • We accept any type of document-personal or business-page per page for translation.
  5. Teacher Training/Workshop for Private or Government Schools*
    • We arrange trainings/workshops for teachers for effective teaching methods inside the classroom. Materials and follow-ups are provided for teachers attending the workshop.
  6. Bahasa Indonesia Lessons for foreigners (Conversational)*
    • Foreigners are taught simple and basic Indonesian language to be able for them to communicate and blend in to the community where they live especially if they wish to stay longer in this country.
  7. Company Training – Business establishments which deal with foreign customers*
    • Staff will be taught basic English (conversational or technical) to be able to communicate with their foreign customers. Miscommunication upsets customers, and it means lost business. We create English program that caters to the needs of your company (e.g. hotels, tour guide, travel agencies)
  8. Bali Visitors English Lessons (for non-native English speakers)*
    • We welcome students, tourists and guests staying in Bali for shorter period but who like to learn English language in a nutshell.  Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and other nationalities are welcome to attend this special class.
      They may also opt to study Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Bali in this same program.

Note: Please choose the service/program you would like to avail. You may call or visit us and discuss this with our English Buzz teacher to learn more about this program. This will help you define your personal goals and target skills.

*These programs are viewed as special request and personalized according to your/company’s main objective. Should you wish to avail any of these program, please Contact us or send us an email at We will respond to you within 24-Hours.