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Language Structures # 3 – What is a Noun?

What is a Noun?

Nouns A noun is the name of any person, place, or thing. A proper noun refers to the name of a person, place or organizations and begins with a capital letter. Mr Smith, Joe, Amanda, Nigeria, British Gas An improper noun refers to a thing or object and does not begin with a capital letter e.g.
  • Animal names: cow, pig, sheep, horse, chicken, duck, monkey, lion elephant, crocodile, dog, snake, hippopotamus
  • Body part names: hair, mouth, nose, eyes, teeth, feet, toes, fingers,ears
  • Objects names: table, chair, comb, oil, box, house, mosque, station, vehicle names, car, bus, train etc
Many nouns are countable, they are singular when one in number and plural when more than one.
Singular Plural
Child Children
Knife Knives
Pot Pots
Leaf Leaves
Father Fathers
Tomato Tomatoes
Sister Sisters
Passer- by Passers-by
Woman Women
Some nouns are mass and do not have plural forms e.g. fruit, food, money Some nouns have no singular e.g. trousers, tweezers, scissors, thanks   Example:
  1. The child is going to school. (singular)
  2. The fathers are going out to eat pizza. (plural)
  3. The woman hides her bag from the robber. (singular)
  4. The tomatoes are growing so fast in her garden. (plural)

Source:  Talking Partners ESL Book