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We understand your needs and provide quality works.

Innovative teaching methods and professional, highly qualified instructors with broad experience in the language training sector


Become fluent during a long-term academic semester, or improve language skills with a vacation or intensive program


Courses are structured to help you achieve fluency quickly and effectively, providing you with a variety of options

Our Program.

Why Select Us?

We are professional and dedicated educator.
We are offering a competitive hourly rate that is consistent with professionally trained supplemental education providers industry-wide, plus available payment options.
We are a team of professional and dedicated educators, international teacher-volunteers and qualified Indonesian teachers.
International-Based Curriculum
We implement an international-based English curriculum integrated with Indonesian curriculum guidelines.
Lots of
Teaching Material

Our teacher prepare various teaching material like postcard, to make it easier for students to understand.


Our teachers are trained to teaching students online using video conferences, so you can learn anywhere.

We inspire our student to learn English through holistic approach, that is learning by doing.

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Teaching Grammar

Belajar Bahasa Indonesia

Irregular Verbs


Question Words

English Buzz 2021 Video

Our Student Says ...

I love the warm up activity such as board games and play riddles. I love to work on them on my own without a team. I am having so much fun here!
Ramon murid english buzz
Level 2
I enjoy playing Chain Letters Game, before starting our lessons. I like playing in pairs with friends, because it’s easier for me to play it.
Naura murid english buzz
Level 2
I studied about ‘Nature’ but not in a boring way and learned many words related to it. It’s fun at Ebuzz! We also play Hide and Seek because they have a beautiful classroom!
Level 1

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.