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Our Spelling Bee is buzzing around!

Our Spelling Bee is buzzing around!


English Buzz Spelling Bee Contest 2015 – Our aim is to enable our students to enhance their vocabulary skills and develop their listening, reading and writing ability for better understanding of the English language. Also, this is a healthy competition where the student’s confidence level is boosted as they need to speak in front of their friends and teachers. Both cognitive and emotional skills are being developed in this type of competition.

Spelling Bee Competition Eligibility;

  1. All students of English Buzz are encouraged to join this contest.
  2. This contest is open only to English Buzz students (from Primary to Senior High School) enrolled for a month or so and continuing to the next level.
  3. Our teachers will provide a Spelling List for students to memorize and practice at school and/or at home. (Easy, Average, Difficult)
  4. Employees’ relatives (to any degree) are not permitted to join this contest.
  5. Registration is Rp. 25.000 for each student.
  6. Deadline for registration is December – 4 – 2015.

Note: Mechanics of the Spelling Bee will be posted soon.